Sterling Royal Family
Corporate Office
233 S Wacker Dr,
Chicago, IL 60606
​Correspondence Address:
P.O. Box 9497
Pine Bluff, AR.

SHOW DETAILS: The Sterling Royal Family is a weekly look into the Sterling's past week's unique blend of royal, yet not so spoiled, everyday lifestyle. Whereas this royal couple also selects individuals throughout their day to award money, gifts, make car/home repairs, host school surprise parties (in efforts to help prevent any more school shootings) etc., from state to state and around the world.
  From private jets and witnessing them conduct multi-million dollar business ventures too dancing the night away as VIP in nightclubs. Every step of the way, this reality show-type video blog is an "unrehearsed" and "unrestrained" real life peek into the daily life of a present day Royal Black Couple as they strive to rebuild a long lost family empire... the (new) Sterling Royal Family, while at the same time having the heart to do good by their fellow man/woman.

  * THIS IS A MUST SEE REALITY SHOW as The Sterling Royal Family video blog is more like the "Make A Wish Foundation/Publisher's Clearinghouse" mixed with "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" yet better, since viewers are actually selected weekly to be awarded free money, gifts, and other life changing assistance.
​                                                                                          30-Day Total Visitors: 8,345,335
The highly anticipated "Sterling Royal Family" video blog will World Premier on December 28, 2018 (Watch On Demand) exclusively right here!

                                                                 NOTICE OF TV SCHEDULE:

December 29, 2018.

Times Will Be Announced.

In all 50-States and Canada on: USA, TNT, Lifetime.

On none cable networks only in the following cities: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, CA.