Sterling Royal Family
  Corporate Office
  233 S Wacker Dr.
 Chicago, IL. 60606
​Correspondence Address:
      P.O. Box 9497
      Pine Bluff, AR.
The Sterling's DO NOT operate a non-profit organization. Nor do they accept any donations or funds from the public to give to others. Everything the family gives from money, new cars, vacation trips, etc., unless specifically stated otherwise, comes "only" from the family's business/personal bank accounts.

​                                                                                                                  QUALIFICATIONS
  1)  If you are having a hard time or know someone whom is and could use a little financial help or   cheering up? 

  2)  Email Sterling Royal Couple in the box below with details. 

  3)  If picked, the Sterling's will announce it during the filming of their video blog show [exclusively on this website or by TV scheduled times... see Video Blog Show for details] and witness as they award donations, free vacation trips and more from state to state and across the globe.

The Sterling's are even willing to do something "Special" at schools across the U.S. to help boost student body spirit.

                                                                      [ REMEMBER ]
      The highly anticipated "Sterling Royal Family" video blog will World Premier on January 11, 2019.

     1) On January 11, 2019 the Sterling's will announce their first selected picks. You Must Watch To

    2) Then the following month beginning in February witness first hand what the Sterling's did for their first selected picks and see whom is picked next, as the Sterling's will continue to announce new picks every month!

    3) To secure your chances of getting picked:

         a) Email a request Once Every Month.

         b) Only submit one request per month or you will be disqualified.

         c) Watch the video blog show especially during any commercial breaks and listen for your name to              be picked.